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St. Elizabeth Family Support Services (SEFSS)

Special Presentations Sponsored by the Canadian Red Cross

During this COVID-19 pandemic, SEFSS collaborated with Red Cross Canada to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on low income families experiencing economic challenges. SEFSS has organized three different Zoom meetings with field experts to help friends & family reduce the challenges of COVID-19. We have organized online workshops with experts to educate, enlighten people on various topics during this COVID-19 pandemic.


"Good morning ma. How to manage our personal finances, such as create budget, understand your expenses, understand your income.  A lot of benefits talk  and so on. And also stress management which we did last Saturday.  Now I budget time to rest for myself.  The workshop give me more Light to my negligence which I put into pratice now. I budget on my expenses seriously now and I put emmergence money aside incase of unforcee circustance.  Expecially family stuff back home, like this morning one of the family member called and said they called yesterday and I said I was busy and they said hope I did not forget the money I want to give them.  I replied that the money am expecting they did not pay me.  Before I will just take from my savings. Before my eyes was close but now is opened."

From Olusola L.

Managing Personal Finances



St. Elizabeth Family Support Services (SEFSS) is a Registered Canadian Charity under CRA and is registered as BN 839744703RR0003. SEFSS provides services for individuals and families who are experiencing personal and social problems. Our primary service area is the Jane Street and Sheppard Avenue West area of Downsview in North York (Toronto), Ontario.

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