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St. Elizabeth Family Support Services (SEFSS)

Special Presentations Sponsored by the Canadian Red Cross

During this COVID-19 pandemic, SEFSS collaborated with Red Cross Canada to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on low income families experiencing economic challenges. SEFSS has organized three different Zoom meetings with field experts to help friends & family reduce the challenges of COVID-19. We have organized online workshops with experts to educate, enlighten people on various topics during this COVID-19 pandemic.

SEFSS gave out 250 gift cards to low income families to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 across the city. During the distributions of the cards, COVID-19 measures were in place and we ensured social distancing.

As a way of gratitude, many people have been expressing their joy and relief on our various social media about the impact of the workshops (Mental Health Education, Personal Finances,Stress Management). SEFSS is grateful to Red Cross Canada for this immeasurable opportunity to affect the lives of people during this pandemic. The primary purpose of SEFSS is to support families through difficult times, and with the help of Red Cross Canada, we are fulfilled with the amount of help we are to the people during global pandemic.

We appreciate everyone who have contributed to the success of our online events and appreciated the efforts of all SEFSS staffs who have worked tirelessly through the thick and thin for the success of the events.


"Good morning,
I learned so many things since I have being attending the program. Most especially the last one I understand how to manage stress."

Thanks St.Elizabeth
From  Grace

"Good morning ma,
Though it might be early but I can actually say specifically that the forum I attended on 13th February that Mr Jide spoke about Stress has Being helping me because I now put into use everything I learnt on the workshop. Though stress for me at home it’s huge but am taking it one step at a time and it’s working as discussed.
Thank you St Elizabeth family support. How I wish I joined the platform from the beginning but it’s okay.
“It’s better late than never”
God will strengthen the organization and everyone else."

Thank you and God bless
Omobolanle A.

Stress Management During Covid-19



St. Elizabeth Family Support Services (SEFSS) is a Registered Canadian Charity under CRA and is registered as BN 839744703RR0003. SEFSS provides services for individuals and families who are experiencing personal and social problems. Our primary service area is the Jane Street and Sheppard Avenue West area of Downsview in North York (Toronto), Ontario.

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